Do you want your business to be noticed online? Do you have a story to tell or products and services to launch or sell that would look great in a YouTube video? How can you use Twitter and Facebook to engage with customers? Is a Google + Hangout worthwhile for your time constrained executives?

Targeted Solutions

Square Halo can help answer all of these questions by working closely with you to develop a digital strategy that is tailored to your needs and that works in the most effective way for your business. As part of the M Group we have access to a wide variety of marketing, communications and events skills to help integrate your digital strategy into your broader marketing and communications planning. We like to keep an open mind about what you might need. So, whether you want a “turnkey” agency solution for the whole strategy, or just a creative and innovative team to deliver key elements of your digital, multimedia and video portfolio, Square Halo can provide the solution. We’re flexible and approachable, and we promise we won’t blind you with techno-speak or marketing hyperbole. We are passionate about the work we do, and making whatever we do work for you.