Digital Marketing & Social Media

There are lots of ways you can spend your marketing budget, but one of the most effective methods of reaching large audiences these days is through digital marketing as part of your overall communications mix.

You will often hear terms like E-marketing, Online and Internet marketing, but in reality Digital Marketing covers all of these. Making your target audiences aware of your brand, products and services electronically is really an “entry ticket” to a truly integrated communications strategy.

Whatever you do electronically spreads quickly and once seeded, can grow exponentially over a short timeframe. Square Halo can develop a full digital marketing strategy for you, recommending the right digital tools to use when, and for which audiences. Whether it is creating targeted campaigns by email or e-newsletter, maximising the effectiveness of your website and broadening its reach through “Search Engine Optimisation”, imagining and managing bespoke digital banner advertising and embedded campaigns, our creative and innovative team will ensure your financial resources are used appropriately and your digital content extends your reach firmly into the public eye.

Square Halo will also be able to analyse your Social Media footprint and help you maximise the use of this influential networking opportunity. Creating Social Media pages is easy. It’s growing the numbers of fans and followers and then keeping them with engaging, interesting content that are the bigger challenges! User-generated content (UGC) can often be more effective than advertising in building the positive buzz around your brand, creating advocates and spreading the news about your products and services. But this community of visitors also expects you to do your part – to connect and dialogue with them, give them new content on a regular basis and to answer their questions or deal with their issue, good and bad. Square Halo can recommend the most appropriate social media channels for your needs, and create engaging, eye-catching pages to entertain your followers. We can also help with interesting content generation and ongoing community management.