• The Client: Ambulance Service Benevolent Fund (ASBF)

    The Brief: To update ASBF’s brand with a new look corporate identity that worked in harmony with the organisations ethics and practice.

    The Solution: There was a lot of work to do with this client; ASBF lacked consistency in its branding so there was no cohesive feel to promotional material. Square Halo worked with ASBF to develop a strong identity that fitted with the nature of the business and the good work it does. We designed the corporate identity and branding with yellow and green to make all material recognisable as belonging to the ambulance service, and developed a unique font for the client to represent the caring and compassionate nature of the organisation. The new look was applied to everything from the website to a racing car to help promote the Ambulance Service Benevolent Fund. To maintain brand consistency in the future, we developed a set of guidelines that will help the client to keep up the strong look that we’ve created. Emergency services – provided by us.

  • Ambulance Service Benevolent Fund (ASBF) – The Ambulance Services Benevolent Fund’s sole purpose is in supporting serving and former ambulance staff and their families in time of need.

    Client websiteasbf.co.uk

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