• The Client: BTMK

    The Brief: To design a marketing booklet to help raise BTMK’s profile with General Practitioners

    The Solution: Standing out from the crowd is no easy task, especially when it comes to law firms – the words ‘dull’ and ‘formal’ are more likely to spring to mind than ‘forward-thinking’ and inspiring’. We wanted to help BTMK get away from the slightly dull lawyer image, giving them the edge in attracting new clients while reflecting the company’s corporate identity.

    To get away from the ‘grey’, our graphic designers used a bold navy and lime colour scheme to represent BTMK’s strong values and their fresh, honest approach to legal advice. The simple, yet effective design of the booklet helped to reinforce the brand, and get across the message that BTMK is a no nonsense, hassle free law firm.

    The company used the booklet in marketing their services to new and existing clients. Shaking the formal look has definitely worked for BTMK – and Square Halo’s great design has helped to reinforce BTMK’s honest, down to earth approach. With definitely no shades of grey.

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