Search Engine Optimisation

Even if you have the most creative and engaging digital content on the web, you have to be sure that people can find it.

Square Halo can develop a “Search Engine Optimisation” (SEO) plan for your websites. It sounds like a complicated process, but in fact is relatively straightforward if planned in advance.

Internet users find the content and information they want to read by using “search engines” – websites like Google and Yahoo that lists links to relevant sites based around the words that people input when searching.

According to, a recent survey showed that 91% of online adults use search engines to find information on the web, and 54% of search engine users use a search engine at least once a day to find information online.

Square Halo can design your website to be seen more easily. We can fashion your site in such a way that the main search engines are more likely to list your website higher in the natural listings, driving more visitors to your pages.

We do this by identifying key words and phrases that potential visitors are likely to use when searching online, and deploy these within your site using a variety of methods to ensure the search engines find them, and list your site as high as possible in the results.

As search engine sites change their rules and processes from time to time, effective SEO will be an ongoing process, which Square Halo can also manage for you.